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On 5 January 1928, Dr Joseph Reiser created a fiduciary office which on 4 March 1935 became a public limited company, thus establishing the Société de Contrôle Fiduciaire SA with its head office in Geneva. In 1991SCF Révision SA was created to ensure the provision of independent audit services. Fiduciaire Paul Gobat SA, in Moutier, Peiry & Schibli Fiduciaire SA, in Fribourg, Fiduciaire Christophe Fischer SA and AURÉFI Société Fiduciaire SA in Geneva are also part of the group.

Through its branches and affiliated companies, the SCF group has a presence throughout French-speaking Switzerland: in Lausanne, Vevey, Fribourg, Sion, Moutier and Geneva.

In all, we employ some 50 staff across our various offices. The size of our group allows us to offer a wide range of services with fully qualified staff, and contact with highly specialised experts for every client.

On the death of Dr Reiser, every effort was made to ensure that the Société de Contrôle Fiduciaire was not sold to third parties. Since 1984, all shares have been owned by the Fonds de Prévoyance SCF and affiliated companies.

A merger of fiduciary companies in the SCF group took place on 1 July 2017, resulting in the adoption of a new company name, to strengthen and secure the long-term future of the business and meet increased requirements for audit and service delivery. This decision was also driven by a desire to simplify our internal organisation and enhance our visibility on the market by operating under a single name: PKF Fiduciaire SA.

For a company, 89 years is still young, with infinite possibilities for expansion and diversification. The ever-increasing complexity of national and international regulations is expanding our roles and responsibilities and requiring ever-more sophisticated skills from those who work in the sector.

With a well-established reputation for seriousness and honesty, we can be proud of the path we have taken since 1928. As we approach our centenary, we will continue to pursue our commitment to developing the business at every level, and our clients will be the first to benefit from this approach.

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