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History: Past and present

On January 5th,1928 Dr. Joseph Reiser founded a fiduciary company which was transforned into a limited company on March 4th, 1935, giving birth to the Société de Contrôle Fiduciaire SA, the head office of which was in Geneva. To ensure the auditing independency, SCF Révision SA was created in 1991. At a later stage, Fiduciaire P.Gobat SA in Moutier, Peiry & Schibli Fiduciaire SA in Fribourg, Fiduciaire Christophe Fischer SA and AURÉFI Société Fiduciaire SA in Geneva would join he group.

After the demise of Dr. Reiser, everything was undertaken to ensure that Société de Contrôle Fiduciaire would not be sold to a third party. Since 1984, the entirety of the shares belongs to our own pension fund.

On July 1st, 2017, the fiduciary companies and affiliates merged into a newly named company, PKF Fiduciaire SA. This was done to ensure the continued existence of the structure, and to reinforce it. The purpose was also to simplify the internal organization, and to get more visibility on the market.

Through its subsidiaries, PKF group is everywhere in Romandie. In Lausanne, Vevey, Fribourg, Sion, Moutier, and Geneva. All in all, the different companies employ about 50 people. The group dimension allows us to offer a wide range of services provided by highly qualified experts for each client.

93 years of age is quite young for a company, and the future offers infinite growth and diversification opportunities. The ever more complex national and international rules extend our duties and responsibilities further and requires higher specialized competencies from our staff.

With a strong reputation of reliability and honesty, we can be proud of the progress made since 1928. On our way to the centennial, we will strive to promote at every stage a desire for development, of which our clients will be the ultimate beneficiaries.